The New Black: Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your home.   The most common first experience is with Malibu lighting products.   Results vary but the popularity of these systems attest to the value of night-lighting your home.

Outdoor patio and garden lighting has radically changed in recent times with the advent of new, non-glare, low voltage fixtures that can literally be inserted anywhere in your outdoors.   The result is lighting that is more effective, easier to maintain, and built to last.

Beyond The Runway Lights

When done properly, outdoor lighting invites you outside.  At its creative best, it makes a perfect atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing or romance.   It can enhance the architectural design of your home, highlight focal points in the landscape, and for security, can illuminate the perimeter, walkways, pool and spa areas of your outdoors.


Most Do-It-Yourself lighting systems are built to last 3-5 years.   At Greg Hoyt Construction, we use heavy duty, weather resistant fixtures, built to last indefinitely.   Where many companies use indoor bulbs, we use halogen sealed-beam bulbs manufactured strictly for outdoor use.


Most outdoor lighting designs accent the sidewalks and driveways, giving the property the harsh appearance of an airport runway.   At Greg Hoyt Construction, we pride ourselves in our more creative approach using hidden lights to accent the beauty of your home without this obtrusive glare.   This is why we like to set up a 'demo' light system for our customers to show what can be done with lighting.

Our Goal: To design and install superior lighting systems.

To us, lighting should never be an afterthought, something just tacked on.   We approach every property as a canvas to be painted and take into account the full measure of what a light fixture can do, not just how pretty they look in copper patina.   Light fixtures are the work horses of a lighting scheme, and properly selected and installed, they can open a whole new world of possiblities for your 'after hours' activities.

Each 'lighting portrait' is individually designed with the unique aspects of your home, garden and lifestyle.   Installed with durable, high quality fixtures and workmanship, the results speak for themselves in longevity and atmoshpere created.   A well-planned lighting scheme essentially doubles the useage of your outdoors by suspending the limitation of daylight.   In this time, when often both people in a household work all day, this advantage can make all the difference in the world.