A dawn view of the main courtyard and new office area.  It was exciting to bring this NAHB 2006 national gold award-winning project off paper and into life for these talented designers.  

Design by Taylor-Roberts Inc. of Philo, Calif.
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The theme is carried throughout the project with this beautiful wing for warehouse space.   Note the drive-thru arch to further storage areas behind.

The entrance area for the new design center office.  An open stairrail keeps the space from closing in.  The floor is a specialty parquet.  Follow with us through the arched hallway to the main office area featured in the next picture.

This shows the main design room inside the new office wing - an amazing wall of windows, elegantly trimmed.

Upstairs we find the design mezzanine with matching window and exotic decor.

A stylish conversation area with tile floor and french door entry from the covered walkway outside.