Here is an innovative remodel that opened up the traffic flow of a previously very cramped kitchen area.  The angled wall allows a free flow for travel from the back door (just around the corner) to the rest of the house.   It used to have a narrow doorway that created a frustrating bottleneck.   Note should be taken that the island reflects that angled wall in its unique shaping (it might be hard to see, but the island is not a perfect rectangle).

Design by Greg Hoyt Construction Inc.
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This 'BEFORE' picture was taken from nearly the same place as the above photo.   The wall shown here was completely removed.   The large bay window seen in the left of the photo was also removed to allow room for rearranging the kitchen.   The old kitchen was on the other side of this wall. (see next photo)


Here is the 'BEFORE' kitchen that backed up to the wall shown in the above picture.   You can see the traffic problem of this 'thoroughfare' kitchen.   It's the only path to this side of the house, with the back door just around the corner to the left.


We altered the space at the back door to give room for muddy shoes, umbrellas, or even picnic gear on its way in or out.  The greenhouse window was existing, and remains a great place to stock with colorful flowers and plants.  

Looking in towards the kitchen, you can also see the remodeled dining room area.

A closer look into the dining room shows the refurbished full length casement windows and french door to the back patio.  The new flooring is an engineered, pre-finished, nail-down wood laminate.

The cabinets feature a divided glass corner unit in the uppers and roomy pullout shelves and drawers below.   The range and microwave are where the old bay window used to be.  The island cabinets face the kitchen to allow bar seating around the dining room side and at the end.  The countertops are granite with the island unit having a custom slab made to fit its unique shape.